Nude …Your Colour?

I know not everyone affords the designer labels but is it neccesary for you to own one in order to get the feel ?.I mean the feel of the society  to get recognition whilst there is also another route to own what everyone is talking about just in a different view and affordable way.I visited out  one of my favourate fashion blogs which is well known globally ELLE. They have these exciting newbies on the block ,fresh perspective and I managed to pick a few ideas just to enrich your minds.See 🙂 that is how much I appreciate my readers.Making life more easy and less complicated.
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The doek game


Across every culture there are boundaries in terms of dressing the way things are worn.I have wondered what is it that we all women have in common with across the gowns we wear and trust me there is nothing thread us except “the doek”(head scarf). Continue reading

Are you wearing the right shoe?

There is nothing bad in this world purchasing  a very nice pair of heels and turns out to be not the right one or even worse not supporting your structure.Do not wear the wrong size,design or even worse bad quality.The embarrassment one may encounter is worse than tripping in front of your crush so my beautiful people embrace yourselves by visiting one of the top selling magazine online   Grazia for all the tips offered by Meghan Cleary, shoe expert and author of Shoe Are You?  click to see the article THE PAIN-FREE TRICK TO WALKING IN HEELS 

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Trust me when I say you do not need a Christian Louboutin pair or Tom Ford heels to get relaxation while walking.Simply by reading that article and getting the copy of the book could literally save the life of your pretty feet.Hopefully i saved a feet by this article!! 🙂  Continue reading

Must have’s this winter



Change of season have already tucked in and climate is acting up and gets quite confusing especially in Cape Town.Here you will never get the right weather even if you do you will just never get the right clothes for that particular day.So what do you do about it? Always have an extra outfit everywhere you go ? Nope nobody got time for that.Some people live in reality not in reality shows so what do you do to escape the confusing weather.Well ,it has been said there are many ways to kill a cat and sure there is in the idea of being into clothes,ability to mix match and a talented eye for the impossible in your closet. Continue reading

Dolled up in the right way

Cosmetics industry is booming up ,growing up rapidly-existing cosmetics companies are extending their lines. Things are looking up good getting a positive response from the consumers. It is no doubt the returns are as exciting as the new range lines that are introduced to the society. Cosmetic is everything to everyone ,anytime,any day -well except for when you going to sleep (never go to sleep with a make up on -unless wrinkles excites you as a person).
I was never a cosmetic fan until I tried out an lipsticks well it was nothing fancy but as time goes on and environment changes as well circles. I started to notice my reflection of beauty needing more of attention. As I have said it was never long I started out about 2 years ago.I remember Revlon was a big thing to me, to my eyes and to my world.As much I thought a lipstick is just a lipstick or a foundation is a foundation only to find out it is not.

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Get Accesorised

I remember in the past 2 weeks I went to this birthday dinner of my nephew .The organiser had it all planned out if it was a crime I am quite sure he would have gotten away with it. I mean everything was all detailed out very well. The theme was superb and as for someone who is into clothing that much I never knew yellow and white would be so outstanding. Yellow & White was the theme and the organiser advised to add a bit dash of gold as part of accessory.


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First-Ever Genderless Clothing Line by ZARA

CdKeQYjWEAESOtL.jpgSo I was reading this certain article and something catch my drift.There is nothing specific to pin point simply because everything is out there and everything that is done the next person adapts or follow. So one of my favorite clothing store which we all know it not South African owned but it is a Spain clothing store that came to S.A in 2012.It has been a pleasure to the South African’s I mean their items are unique,durable and of course affordable.

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